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Thousands of free daily Suduku puzzles. Click on the puzzle grid below to launch a solver window for that puzzle to play online. Click on a tab to select Suduku difficulty level. Mouse over the dates at the bottom to see different puzzle layouts for each day. Click on the date or on the puzzle grid to play that game at No matter whether you spell it suduku or sudoku it's still plenty of fun. Other Sudoku Sites:

Sudoku Printables
Print two, four or six puzzles to a page either our predefined sets or choose your own difficulty levels. Ideal for the bus/train/lunch hour or for schools, groups, or if Mom and Dad want to use the computer!

Extreme Sudoku
The most difficult fiendish-level puzzles we can create.

Sudoku Hints
Free daily puzzles and online solver with hints and big hints to help when you get stuck.

Fiendish Sudoku
More difficult graded puzzles than Free daily puzzles and online solver.

Samurai Sudoku
A large collection of free daily samurai sudoku puzzles or gattai sudoku puzzles with online solver.

Easy Sudoku
Free daily puzzles on the easier side with hints for beginners or younger (or older!) sudoku enthusiasts.

Sudoku Links
All the best sudoku sites on the web, picked by hand with independently written descriptions.

Daily Sudoku
A sudoku blog with a RSS feed of free daily puzzles.

Top 50 Sudoku sites
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